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All successful long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) providers must generate revenue in order to pursue their mission and grow. Yet, it’s not enough to just generate revenue; your organization must also collect the revenue while minimizing leakage and potential lost dollars. That’s where revenue cycle management (RCM) comes into play.

RCM is the process for tracking client revenue from admission/registration through collection of accounts receivable balances. The cycle includes the universe of administrative and clinical functions in an LTPAC organization that contribute to the capture, management and collection of patient service revenue.

If you seek ways to boost profitability and enhance outcomes, optimizing RCM is a prime place to start.

Now, we have developed a new e-book, “Six Strategies to Optimize Your LTPAC Revenue Cycle Process,” that offers specialized insight into the industry’s top RCM practices and practical strategies to optimize your RCM function.

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