Richter's Accounts Receivable Recovery and Resolution

Get Cash Off Your Books and Boost Profitability Starting Today

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If your long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) facility’s accounts receivable (AR) aged 90 days and greater exceeds 15% of total AR, your facility could be facing a severe cash crunch—especially as COVID-19 continues ravaging occupancy rates, census, case mix and, consequently, revenues.

Richter’s time-tested AR Recovery and Resolution will deliver results.

Our project scope includes:

  • Prioritizing accounts by amount and age and analyzing each account for accuracy
  • Completing bookkeeping adjustments to correct errors and posting upon approval
  • Billing/re-billing outstanding charges for all payers
  • Compiling and monitoring your organization’s claim denial appeals
  • Performing denial management procedures to obtain full payment on claims
  • Identifying accounts for referral to a collection attorney
  • Completing write-offs for accounts deemed uncollectible (and providing complete documentation to substantiate said write-offs)  
  • Validating and processing refunds on credit balances
  • Documenting all work in a single document
  • Reviewing progress regularly with selected management and escalating accounts that need additional support

Enhanced Profitability – Plus Insights and Strategies to Help Ensure Future Success

Richter’s AR Recovery and Resolution will also generate relevant and usable insights on all of your organization’s AR processes:

  • What’s working
  • What merits adjustment
  • How much your current processes could be costing you
  • What types of improved processes can help ensure timely AR payments down the line

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