QAPI—Your Guide to the New LTPAC and SNF Standard for Quality Assurance and Performance

In long-term post-acute care settings, the only thing that is constant is change. There is, however, one process that endures—Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement, or QAPI.

Richter Healthcare Consultants’ Clinical Consulting team works closely with our skilled nursing facility (SNF) and home health clients to provide education, technical assistance and support in the development of a QAPI program. 

Our QAPI e-book includes the following chapters:

  1. What is QAPI? Understanding QAPI Basics
  2. The Five Elements of QAPI
  3. The 12 Steps of QAPI
  4. Implementing Performance Improvement Projects (PIP) as a Part of a QAPI Program
  5. Implementing QAPI Program Planning and Processes
  6. Case Study: How One Facility Uses QAPI to Overcome Significant Challenges

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