Telehealth for LTPAC Organizations

Best Practices for Enhancing Clinical Outcomes

Adoption of telehealth – i.e., the delivery of health-related services and information via electronic information and telecommunications technology
– by LTPAC organizations has been unnecessarily slow in years past, due partly to lack of education and training. That said, the current pandemic
is compelling facilities to revisit telehealth and find ways to integrate it throughout their care continuum.

The good news: Telehealth is proving itself time and time again as a viable and effective means of providing the care that residents need while keeping them, physicians and your staff safe.

The even better news: Integrating telehealth in your clinical operation is within your grasp—and this e-book can help.

In it, we share the information you need to know about telehealth:

  • The various forms available to LTPACs
  • How they differ and how they’re best utilized
  • Telehealth’s many benefits for LTPAC organizations
  • Useful information about how reimbursement around telehealth works
  • Best practice strategies to help guide your efforts in implementing telehealth in your facility

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