FREE E-book: Staffing Strategies for Skilled Nursing Facilities in a Post-COVID-19 World

As the current coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis drags on, and with other potential pandemics/disasters on the horizon, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) of all sizes in all corners of the country will find it harder and harder to attract qualified full-time employees, and retain them over time. Not surprisingly, clinical, accounting and financial implications of this are profound. So, how do you endeavor to maintain a full-time employee base, solidify your facility’s finances and provide optimal resident care in the process?

The skilled nursing facility consultants at Richter have developed a new e-book, “Staffing Strategies for Skilled Nursing Facilities in a Post-COVID-19 World,” that offers specialized insight and can help you chart a path forward.

In it, we share six strategies for staffing around accounting, financial and clinical considerations, recruitment practices, engagement and more. Our insights and recommendations draw from years of experience helping SNFs throughout the country navigate staffing-related financial, accounting and clinical issues.

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