Contract Controller Services – Expertise, Insight and Performance to Boost Efficiency and Drive Profitability

Learn Whether Contract Controller Services are Right for Your Organization

These days, accounting and finance professionals are in high demand, and that reality has made it increasingly difficult for long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) organizations to attract and retain qualified controllers. This challenge extends across the LTPAC spectrum. Yet smaller LTPAC organizations in particular may find it cost prohibitive to hire a full-time controller.

Richter Healthcare Consultant's new e-book provides a broad snapshot of contract controller services—what they are, why they’re important in LTPAC settings, how they measure up against in-house controllers and what to look for in a contract controller.

Chapters Include:

  • Chapter One: The Role of the Controller in LTPAC Settings
  • Chapter Two: Why a Controller is Important to Your LTPAC Organization
  • Chapter Three: In-house Controller Versus Contract Controller – Understanding the Benefits of Each
  • Chapter Four: Could Your LTPAC Organization Benefit From Contract Controller Services?
  • Chapter Five: What to Look For in a Contract Controller Services Provider

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