Optimizing 5 Target Areas in Skilled Nursing Facilities — Your Key to Success

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Long-term care rules and regulations have been changing at a fast and furious pace over the past few years. Often, changes can happen so quickly that it can be nearly impossible to train staff and update processes in time to stay current. At Richter, we have seen this burden play out across all skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), from independent homes to small and large chains alike.

Given the large volume of data generated by SNFs of all sizes, and the myriad ways such data could be utilized, we at Richter recently undertook a process to create performance initiatives that target five high-risk areas in the SNF setting and provide proactive mitigation of those risks.

These five target areas are:

  1. Minimum data set (MDS) errors
  2. Incident/accident reports and outcomes
  3. Quality Assessment Process Improvement (QAPI) programs
  4. Quality measures and Five-Star rating
  5. Case mix index (CMI) maximization

Now, we have developed a new e-book, “Optimizing 5 Target Areas in Skilled Nursing Facilities – Your Key to Success,” that provides a high-level overview of each area—what it is; why it’s important to target; what we at Richter believe should be targeted based on our experience working with SNFs over many years; specific improvement measures for each area; and results of improvement.

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