Contract Controller Services – Expertise, Insight and Performance to Boost Efficiency and Drive Profitability

Learn Whether Contract Controller Services are Right for Your Organization

Contract-Controller-3DThese days, accounting and finance professionals are in high demand, and that reality has made it increasingly difficult for long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) organizations to attract and retain qualified controllers. This challenge extends across the LTPAC spectrum. Yet smaller LTPAC organizations in particular may find it cost prohibitive to hire a full-time controller.

Richter Healthcare Consultant's new e-book provides a broad snapshot of contract controller services—what they are, why they’re important in LTPAC settings, how they measure up against in-house controllers and what to look for in a contract controller.

Chapters Include:

  • Chapter One: The Role of the Controller in LTPAC Settings
  • Chapter Two: Why a Controller is Important to Your LTPAC Organization
  • Chapter Three: In-house Controller Versus Contract Controller – Understanding the Benefits of Each
  • Chapter Four: Could Your LTPAC Organization Benefit From Contract Controller Services?
  • Chapter Five: What to Look For in a Contract Controller Services Provider

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